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EAA Chapter 856 Main Page

Chapter 856 is based in Flagstaff, Arizona but serves a large portion of the Northern Arizona region. Our growing membership encompasses several aviation projects, including participation with both Flagstaff and Valle airports, sponsoring youths to the EAA Air Academy, an aviation scholarship and plans for a mentoring program for local students.

Officers, Meetings and Contact Information

Meeting Minutes

Schedule of Events

EAA Calendar of Events

EAA Calendar of Events - This link allows you to search for nearby events as well as enter events into the EAA calendar, which is seen by a wide audience.

  • Next Meeting: 5/11/2011 6:30pm - Flagstaff Airport in the Terminal Meeting Room.
  • Planes of Fame \ Valle Airport2 - June 26, 2011
  • May 2011 - Flagstaff Airport open house.

Recent Events


Aluminum Overcast on rollout from its latest high-altitude mission at Flagstaff, with the San Francisco Peaks as a backdrop.

Member's Projects

This link will show an April 2009 photo (first photo).

Youth Outreach

Our chapter invests in getting youth involved in aviation. Currently our efforts revolve around three areas: